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Have you worked with an outstanding experiential education student at your company/school this past year? Nominate him or her for the Florida Association of Colleges & Employers Student of the Year Award!  

The award is presented to the nominating FloridaACE member or a representative of the member school on the student's behalf at the annual conference each June. Recipients receive an award trophy and a check for $300.

Up to three awards may be given each year; one from each of the following student categories:

  • Private College or University
  • State University
  • State College (2- or 4-year)

 Basis for Selection 

  • Emphasis for selection will be placed on projects, achievements, and goal attainment at their work site. Extracurricular and school involvement will also be considered. 

Nomination Procedure 

  • Submit an online nomination form 
  • Letter of support
  • Resume of Student Nominee 

Nomination Deadline 

April 28, 2023 May 15, 2023


Past Student of the Year Award Recipients

2022 - Bear Hill, State College of Florida; Tara Sperberg, Florida International University; Telle Fugett, New College of Florida

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