Membership Renewal is open for 2017. Memberships renewed from this point forward will run through January 1, 2018. Lifetime members must renew from year to year to stay active.

FloridaACE 2017 Drive-In Conference

  • November 3, 9am-3pm
  • Florida State University
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Future Annual Conferences
June 13-15, 2018 in Orlando
June 12-14, 2019


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  Honorary/Lifetime Members


There are three ways to become an Honorary/Lifetime Member of FloridaACE. The first is to complete a term as President of the FloridaACE Board of Directors. The second is to receive the John T. Brownlee Leadership Award. Members may also become Honorary/Lifetime Members of FloridaACE by a Board vote for exemplary service to the association.  

The following individuals have attained Honorary/Lifetime Member status:

Jennifer Bennett
Carol Ann Boyles

Shannon Cash
Jane Colson
Mark Colvenbach
Christy Cook
Paul R. Cultrera
Adam DeRosa
William M. Dery
Dr. Sheri E. Dressler
Janet Eckle
Ed Fleck
Anne Foote Collins
Jeff Garis
Dee Dee Gatch
Dona Gaynor
James W. Gracey
Sheila Hood
Myrna Hoover 
Tracy Joinson
Lindsey Katherine
Robin Kazmarek 
Christy King
Roberta Kressel
Marsha Leap
Glenda Lentz
Delicia Lewis
Don Lippert
Marie MacDonald
Olga C. Magnusen
Maurice E. Mayberry
Grady McClendon
Geri D-S Moers
Rick Neely
Bob O'Neal
Kent Phillips
Kate Ray
Ray Rogers
John Sheehy
John Sherrill
Alicia Smyth

Jonathan Thornburg
Raymond H. Thrift, Jr.
Mike Tooke
Vicki Tyson
Manny Virata, Jr.
James Watson, Jr.
Scott Wilson
Robert Wright

Note that Honorary/Lifetime Members must renew from year to year in order to remain active with the association. If you are an Honorary/Lifetime Member who needs to renew, please contact the FloridaACE Secretary if you need assistance.


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