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  Brownlee Leadership Award


Congratulations to Tracy Joinson from Palm Beach State College, our 2016 Brownlee Leadership Award recipient 

The John T. Brownlee Leadership Award was established by the Florida Association of Colleges & Employers (formerly known as FCPA) in recognition of John T. Brownlee’s contribution and tireless efforts on behalf of the organization.  In John’s years (1977-1986) of involvement with Florida ACE, he served as a board member and as President.  He brought enormous energy and enthusiasm to the organization and this award serves as an ongoing memorial in recognition of his dedication and commitment. 

Those who knew John knew of the high standards he practiced in both his personal and professional life.  He was a son, husband, father, colleague, and friend.  He found the time to be active professionally, socially, and in the community, but always kept family number one.  He was honest and truthful.  He was a leader and an achiever.


  • Nominee must be a FloridaACE member for at least three years
  • Current officers and board members are ineligible

Nomination Procedures

  • A nominee must be nominated by a Florida ACE member
  • Two letters of support are required
  • Members of the selection committee are not eligible to nominate

Basis for Selection

Emphasis for selection will be placed on general contribution and support of Florida ACE, contribution to a specific Florida ACE program or project and/or professional contribution to the placement/recruiting field.


Nominations must be submitted and/or postmarked by the published deadline. The nomination submission deadline for 2017 will be announced this fall.

Past John T. Brownlee Leadership Award Recipients

2016 - Tracy Joinson, Palm Beach State College

2015 - Mark Colvenbach, The University of Tampa

2014 - Sheila Hood, The University of Tampa (Retired)

2013 - Robin Kazmarek, Stetson University

2012 - Ray Rogers, Rollins College

2011 - Dona Gaynor, Florida Institute of Technology

2010 - Mike Tooke, University of South Florida (Retired)

2009 - Jane Colson, Eckerd College 

2008 - Jeff Garis, Florida State University

2007 - Christy King, Seminole Community College (Retired)

2006 - James Watson, Jr., Florida Atlantic University

2005 - Jonathan Thornburg, Hughes Supply

2004 - Grady McClendon, Webber International University (Retired)

2003 - Anne Foote Collins, Office Depot

2002 - Myrna Hoover, Florida State University

2001 - Marsha Leap, Florida Southern College 

2000 - Scott Wilson, Electronic Data Systems

1999 - Rick Neely, Walt Disney World

1998 - Sherri Dressler, University of Central Florida

1997 - Ed Fleck, FBI (Retired)

1997 - Kate Ray, University of North Florida

1996 - Geri Moers, University of West Florida

1995 - Ray Thrift, University of West Florida

1994 - Kent Phillips, Walt Disney World

1993 - Olga Magnusen, Florida International University (Retired)

1992 - Robert O'Neal, Florida State University (Retired)

1991 - Carol Ann Boyles, University of North Florida (Retired)

1990 - Glenda Lentz, University of South Florida (Retired)

1989 - Manny Virata, Jr., NASA (Retired)

1988 - John Sherrill, University of West Florida (Retired)

1987 - Maurice Mayberry, University of Florida (Retired)


Congratulations to Tracy Joinson from Palm Beach State College, our 2016 John T. Brownlee Leadership Award recipient

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