Professional Development Scholarship

FloridaACE is offering Professional Development Scholarships to our career services professional members, student members, and employer members. Two scholarships will be awarded to provide/cover registration fees to attend one upcoming FloridaACE Drive-In or Annual Conference.

Nominations will be accepted in conjunction with the Annual FloridaACE Awards process. Announcement of scholarship recipients will be made at the FloridaACE Annual Conference. 

Deadline to Nominate: April 1, 2021

Submit Nomination

Winners of the scholarship(s) will be determined by the FloridaACE Awards Committee. Scholarships may be utilized within 12 months of being awarded. The FloridaACE Board and Award Committee Members are not eligible to receive the Scholarships. 


1. Career services professional members, student members, and employer members with active employment within a college or university’s career services area, experiential education/internship office, or professional business/organization within the FloridaACE region.

 2. Candidates must be signed up within a committee volunteer capacity for the Drive-In or Annual Conference they intend to attend via use of the Scholarship.

 3. Completed application and requested materials.

 4. Membership in FloridaACE.

 5. Preference will be given to individuals with:

a. Two or more years of experience and with aspirations of becoming a leader in the career development field.

b. Whose office has not had a recipient of the FloridaACE Professional Development Scholarships in the past two years.

c. Demonstrated financial need for the scholarship.

d. Completed application materials which include (at minimum) one letter of recommendation from a leader within the career development field.